Complete Furnishing Solutions At One Place

Complete Furnishing Solutions At One Place


Complete Furnishing Solution At One Place

Innovation & creativity begins with the right workspace. It only takes a few pieces of furniture to transform an ordinary space into a functional and stylish.

Home Furniture



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Wall Racks

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Hospital Furniture

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Restaurant Furniture

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Creative solutions with a twist

SHEESHAM FURNISHERS Pvt. Ltd. aim to create a combination of functionality and elegance. We are also providing the interior facility to our esteem clients. We are providing not only furniture but curtains, flooring and accessories under one roof. Our professional furniture and interior designers help our clients to make their homes like heaven. Sheesham interior designer coordinate with you to plan your space to optimal use.

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Fast Shipping

Sheesham furnishers Pvt. Ltd. facilitate you with cargo service which provide you every thing on your door step.

Best Quality

We provide professional and quality services for all kind of construction and renovation work.

Best Offers

We are associated with the top line suppliers to get you some quality material with special discounted prices.

Secure Payments

We provide secure payment methods to our clients,because we know the worth of your investments.

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Customized your Dining
Why Need To choose Us
Sheesham Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. offers you new or old home renovation & design in your city Lahore in supervision of our experience Architects & Engineers .We understand, we listen, and we respect your wishes. Years of furnishing experience combined with the highest quality standards, ensures we deliver the result that matches your vision and gives you the new lifestyle. Now relax and enjoy the process...

Most wanted Designs

Customize Your Living

Design of the Week

A complete Range of Vases

New Edition

Customize Plain Colors
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What We Do

Our Projects

Govt. & Private Contractor

We make furniture products and services simpler, easier and less expensive by providing both requisition and acquisition solutions. This allows our clients to have a full range of items available under one contract .

Architectural Services

We provide a class in residential and commercial projects that it is considered a company where latest trends coupled with western concepts is a brand feature. It is a company where you will find innovation in designs and sustainability in construction.

Engineering Services

Our unparalleled resources combined with world class engineering skills enable us to offer a services and total solutions offering from a single source.Timely delivery and consistent improvement in our organization, processes, products & Services.

Turnkey Projects

We offer efficient and creative turnkey solutions through a unique service of centralized purchasing. They have a competent partner and the ease of having a single point of contact that looks after orders and installation.

Hospital Furniture

We always strive for excellence & Perfection. Having a large database of satisfied clients, we are always looking forward for innovation & excellence to provide solutions that enhance the lives of our customer and their patients.

Restaurant Furniture

We are providing restaurant chairs, bar stools, booths, sofas & tables. We offer leather, wood, metal, plastic and Bent wood chairs. You can customize colors and sizes for your dining room furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

We are the manufacturer & importer in high end Outdoor Furniture. The products range is from dining tables, dining chairs, sectional sofas to sun loungers and many other more.

Lab & Pharmacy

Our clients are served with a range of defect free products we follow stringent quality control measures on each batch that is manufactured at our end. Thus, we successfully cater to the various needs of modern laboratories.

Bulk Supplier​

With our bulk material Booking & Goods Management system, you are assured about availability of furniture in the quantities you need, so no need to worry about the fluctuation of market prices meanwhile.

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Sheesham Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. is all about Inspiring, Imagining & Creating premium products for you with no compromise on elegance! Visit us to witness the state of the art designed furniture for your Office, Home, Kitchens, Doors & Wardrobe by Sheesham Furnishers Pvt. Ltd... Budget workstation makes it possible for people to work independently, giving them the privacy they require and the space they need to be creative and efficient. Get a chance to bond with your office colleagues in a more spacious and interesting place by incorporating simple yet elegant designs from Sheesham Furnishers Pvt. Ltd... Work smartly and conveniently with the Ozone Workstation. It’s ideal for meetings and comes with spacious cabinets to help you keep all your important folders and files organized.

Sheesham Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. has years of experience in manufacturing Furniture
We are specialized in Office furniture including desks,chairs,seating,tables,work stations and institutional furniture…

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